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  • Serene Home Nursing - Home Health Aide Services in Long Island

    Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Speech Language Pathology Physical Therapy (PT) Serene Home Nursing Agency, has expanded its range of services to include Physical Therapy , enhancing our commitment to comprehensive care for our clients. With a dedication to promoting well-being and independence, Serene Home Nursing Agency's introduction of Physical Therapy services marks a significant milestone in their mission to cater to the diverse needs of the community. Through personalized treatment plans tailored to individual needs, our team of experienced therapists aim to restore mobility, alleviate pain, and improve overall quality of life. By integrating Physical Therapy into our holistic approach to healthcare, Serene Home Nursing Agency remains a trusted partner in promoting optimal health and vitality for those we serve! Sign up for services today! Occupational Therapy (OT) Complementing our existing suite of healthcare solutions, the addition of Occupational Therapy services highlights our unwavering commitment to fostering independence and enhancing the quality of life for our patients. Serene Home Nursing Agency's team of skilled Occupational Therapists empower individuals to overcome barriers hindering their ability to engage in daily activities. Whether aiding in recovery from injury, managing chronic conditions, or supporting aging in place, we prioritize functional independence and meaningful participation in our patient’s life activities. With a focus on individualized care and compassionate support, our Occupational Therapist will give you the level of care you deserve! Sign up for services today! Speech Language Pathology (SLP) Through the addition of Speech Language Pathology , Serene Home Nursing Agency aims to support individuals facing challenges related to communication, swallowing, and cognitive function. Our team of qualified Speech-Language Pathologists utilize evidence-based interventions to assess and treat speech, language, and swallowing disorders across all age groups. Whether it's aiding in speech development for children, helping adults recover from strokes, or assisting seniors with swallowing difficulties, Serene Home Nursing Agency's Speech Pathology services are designed to enhance communication skills and improve overall quality of life. Sign up for services today!

  • Serene Home Nursing Agency | Home Care | 42 Academy Street, Patchogue, NY, USA

    Serene Home Nursi ng Agency LONG ISLANDS #1 CHOICE FOR HOME CARE SERVICES Our highly trained caregivers are equipped with the industry's most advanced technology. We take pride in the specialized services we provide to care for you and your loved ones. The Serene Team is here for you! Get Started Contact Us Why Serene Home Nursing Agency ? All of our caregivers undergo a thorough interviewing process before starting a career at Serene. In addition, all credentials, references, and licenses are checked for accuracy to ensure all of our patients are in the best hands the industry has to offer. Our Services Our Calendar Of Events 2024 Calender Pediatric Nursing More Info Infusion Therapy More Info Adult Nursing More Info Home Health Aid Services More Info Companion Care More Info Sign Up for Services More Info

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    Serene Home Nursi ng Agency LONG ISLANDS #1 CHOICE FOR HOME CARE SERVICES Looks like the page you are looking for doesn't exists anymore. Go to Homepage

  • CONTACT US | Serene Home Nursing

    Serene Home Nursi ng Agency LONG ISLANDS #1 CHOICE FOR HOME CARE SERVICES Contact Us Address Serene Home Nursing Agency 42 Academy St Patchogue, NY 11772 Phone Numbers Suffolk (631) 696-9669 Nassau/Queens (516) 998-7498 Eastern Suffolk (631) 684-0024 Fax (631) 696-9668 First Name Last Name Email Message Send Email Directory Director of Patient Services Administrative Assistant New Admissions Employee Compliance Employee Benefits & Liaison Department Staffing Department Employment Opportunities

  • Serene Home Nursing - Our Services For Children, Adults, and Seniors

    Serene Home Nursing Agency Services For Children, Adults and Seniors. Sign Up for Services Pediatric Nursing Adult Nursing Companion Care Infusion Therapy Home Health Aid Services Serene Home Nursing Agency is an RN owned and operated, Department of Health licensed, home care agency based out of Long Island, serving the needs of communities in Queens, Nassau & Suffolk Counties. Our services offer an alternative for those who need day-to-day care, but prefer to be in the comfort of their own home. We provide Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Home Health Aides and Speech Language Pathologists. We deliver superior home care services, while making your child/family member our #1 priority. ​ ​Our care givers specialize in many different services for both home and facility care for patients all throughout Long Island. Sign Up today! Services For Children, Adults & Seniors Pediatric Nursing More Info Adult Nursing More Info Infusion Therapy More Info Senior Nursing More Info Home Health Aid Services More Info

  • Contact | Serene Home Nursing Agency

    If you are a patient in need of home care services OR a facility in need of staffing solutions then please fill out this submission form and one of our admissions specialists will reach out shortly: Relationship to Patient Choose an option Where is the patient now? Choose an option What Services are Needed Choose an option Date Services Are Needed How Did You Hear About Us? Choose an option Submit Serene Home Nursing Agency is here to help. Let's get you signed up for our services today!

  • Serene Home Nursing - Home Health Aide Services in Long Island

    Home Health Aide Services Serene Home Nursing Agency Offers the following Home Health Aide Services: Before the Start of Care ​ ​ Receiving Home Health Aide Services ​ ​ ​ Sign up for services today! At Serene Home Nursing Agency We are proud to say that we are the agency of choice for providing the best quality, affordable care to the senior communities of Long Island. Our goal is to assist the senior populations from Queens to Montauk Point, in the comfort of their own homes. Before the Start of Care In order to provide excellent home care services for our senior population, we start by providing a needs-based assessment. This includes a physical assessment performed on our patients by a Registered Nurse. This valuable tool helps our nurses to carefully construct a plan of care specifically directed to our client's individual needs. Serene's Home Health Aide Services Provide: Assistance with Ambulation Assistance with Washing and Dressing Assistance with Toileting Meal Preparation and Feeding Linens Changed Calls to MD and Nursing Supervisor (if needed) Medication Reminders Light House Cleaning Laundry Washed Medication Pick-up Food Shopping Accompany to Doctor Visits Letter/E-Mail Writing Companionship Receiving Home Health Aide Services After we configure a plan of care, we provide experienced and certified personnel to carry out it out. These staff members are supervised by Registered Nurses who continuously evaluate and ensure the client's necessities are being met. Our home care services throughout Queens, Nassau, and Suffolk counties offer a sound, affordable alternative for those who need day-to-day assistance in the comfort of their own home.

  • Serene Home Nursing - Pediatric Nursing Services in Long Island

    Pediatric Nursing Services Serene Home Nursing Agency Offers the following Pediatric Nursing Services : Pediatric High Tech Private Duty Nursing ​ School District Staffing ​ Pediatric Aide Services ​ Pediatric Therapy Services ​ Sign up for services today! Pediatric High-Tech Private Duty Nursing At Serene Home Nursing Agency, we are committed to providing outstanding care for children, in coordination with additional primary care such as PICU Case Managers, Discharge Planners, Social Workers, and Pediatricians. Serene’s pediatric department includes a team of healthcare professionals who will work with you to ensure your child receives the most efficient home care services they require. We specialize in high-tech neurological disorders, trach/ventilator care, seizure disorders, TPN/infusion therapy, and short bowel syndrome. We understand that returning home from hospitalization can be overwhelming for families. The Serene Home Nursing Agency staff is here to support you during that time. School District Staffing Serene Home Nursing Agency takes pride in providing the highest level of care for our patients while assisting them in their growth and development. Our team of experienced pediatric nurses is here to support you and your child in your home or during school. Many of our caregivers prefer working with our school patient population and find a rewarding career in doing so. Serene nurses can take a child to school or a day program and help them grow and learn while providing excellent care. Many of our nurses prefer this level of patient care as it mirrors the school day, providing full-time hours while maintaining an ideal schedule! Inquire today to learn more about working with our student patient population. Pediatric Aide Services ​ Here at Serene, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible in your home. We provide exceptional Home Health Aides who undergo an extensive hiring process to ensure the most efficient care for your child. We match each family with a home health aide that will best suit your child and family. Our staff provides personal one-on-one supervision for up to 24 hours a day for your child, depending on their plan of care. With this in mind, you can go throughout your day knowing your loved ones are in safe hands. Pediatric Therapy Services ​ In the comfort and familiarity of your own home, our highly trained Physical Therapists will assist your child in developing gross motor skills, functional mobility, ambulation skills & muscle strengthening. Our Occupational Therapists are trained to assist with self-care tasks, gross and fine motor skills, sensory integration, cognitive/perceptual tasks, and social skills. Our Speech-Language Therapists will assist with feeding difficulties, communication, language-learning disorders, voice issues, and speech fluency.

  • Serene Home Nursing - Employment - Become a Home Health Aide

    Join the Serene Team We are always looking for caring, compassionate professional caregivers. Apply Today Serene Home Nursing Agency offers high standard care. We look for friendly, loving professional individuals that have chosen caregiving as their life purpose. Nothing is more satisfying than giving your undivided time, attention and love to someone who needs it. RNs and LPNs Come join the Serene Team! Our skilled nurses provide outstanding services for adult and pediatric patients in school districts, facilities, and the comfort of their homes. Our nurses are equipped with the skills to conduct physical assessments, ventilator and tracheostomy care, infusion therapy, medication management, and all disease-process management. CNAs, HHAs, and PCAs Our aides support patients by providing housekeeping and laundry services, shopping for food and other household requirements, preparing meals and snacks, and running errands. Furthermore, our aides provide personal services, such as bathing, dressing, and grooming. Companions Serene's Companion Services are a personalized, non-medical solution for patients, providing care in the comfort of their homes. Companions are a great alternative to community-based settings, allowing family members to live comfortably with a helping hand. If you are looking to start a fulfilling career helping others, this is a great place to begin!

  • Serene Home Nursing - A Message From Our CEO

    Serene Home Nursi ng Agency LONG ISLANDS #1 CHOICE FOR HOME CARE SERVICES Irene Manolias, RN, FOUNDER and CEO With over 25 years of diversified healthcare experience, Irene Manolias, RN, is committed to making Serene Home Nursing Agency the agency of choice for all of Long Island. Graduating at the top of her college class, Irene has acquired the knowledge and expertise to be a role model in the healthcare industry. Along with being a strong advocate for children with disabilities, she is a dynamic leader in her community. On behalf of Serene Home Nursing Agency, she has organized multiple fundraising events. In addition, she has offered scholarships and merit awards to students and healthcare workers who positively displayed leadership abilities and/or actively volunteered in their community. ​ Irene volunteered as the Director of Health Services for the Testaverde Foundation from 2005 to 2016. Part of her commitment to the Foundation involved helping paralyzed individuals to receive the equipment, services, and emotional support they needed to live a fulfilling life. Throughout the years, Irene has trained hundreds of nurses to obtain advanced neurological nursing skills and techniques to help improve the quality of care to patients in need of health care services. Irene has received many recognitions and awards acknowledging her commitment to the healthcare industry. In 2014, Irene became the recipient of the Parker Jewish Institute Platinum Professional Award for Outstanding Leadership in Healthcare from Parker-Jewish Institute. She most recently made the Dan's Papers Power list of the East End in 2021, as well as received the 2021 Schneps Media Healthcare Heros Award. Furthermore, Irene is actively involved in outreach development in her community. As the CEO of Serene Home Nursing Agency, she oversees the care of hundreds of pediatric, adult, and senior patients each day. Irene is fully devoted to providing outstanding services to those in need of home care services in the community she has been a part of her whole life.

  • Serene Home Nursing - Infusion Services in Long Island

    Infusion Therapy Services Serene Home Nursing Agency Offers the following Home Infusion Therapy : Skilled Registered Nurses ​ ​ Pediatric and Adult ​ ​ ​ Sign up for services today! Skilled Registered Nurses What is Infusion Therapy? Home Infusion Therapy is a specialized service that needs the expertise of a skilled Registered Nurse. For many patients, home infusion therapy (IV) is a safe and comfortable alternative to receiving your infusion therapy in the hospital or in an ambulatory setting. New home infusion patients often experience positive results from their treatments, recover faster, and have a decreased risk of encountering complications, such as infections. While coordinating with your medical provider and pharmacist, our registered nurses evaluate each patient's condition to recommend an appropriate plan of care.Home infusion IV therapy is a cost-effective way to enjoy a better quality of life during your prescribed treatment. What We Offer Serene's registered nurses service pediatric and adult patients with a wide variety of chronic and acute conditions. Our skilled nurses administer specialty therapies including but not limited to: IVIG Factors Antibiotics Enzyme Replacement Therapy Initial Infusions Dosing TPN, Hydration Therapy Inotrope Therapy Steroids Chemotherapy Peripheral Line Insertion CVAD Care and Access PICC Care and Removal Medication Education ​

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